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  • Helder Aragão de Melo

    Helder Aragão de Melo

  • Gastón Cavanagh

    Gastón Cavanagh

    periodista - productor de tv / PPT - Telenoche // Buenos Aires - Argentina // http://t.co/WnN0lCXOu8

  • Tomas Tvarijonas

    Tomas Tvarijonas

    Source of the interesting side of humanity, culture, wit and a terrible example of how not to raise expectations.

  • Franco Bastida

    Franco Bastida

    Not Wilmer Valderrama. Strategist. Into all things Latin America.

  • Amanda Gabriel

    Amanda Gabriel

  • Kleyson


    if you hold a stone, hold it in your hand

  • Erik Moeller

    Erik Moeller

    I work at the intersection of technology and justice.

  • Alistair Fraser

    Alistair Fraser

    Geography lecturer at NUI Maynooth, Ireland. Taking unpaid leave to spend a year in Mexico.

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